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Advantages of ManageRent

Let's see how ManageRent can be useful to your rental company:

1. ManageRent is a web-based program. This means that the whole system is operating and managed over the Internet. Therefore, it provides you with many new options and advantages compared to the database systems. Naming only some of the most obvious ones:

a) Your employees, partners and clients can utilize ManageRent from anywhere in the world: office, home or when traveling. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet. No special programs or expensive phonecalls. This saves time and money.

b) You don't need to own a server to run ManageRent. The system can be maintained in the server of a hosting company. This is much more cost effective compared to having your own server - you don't need to buy expensive server(s), pay for upgrading, employ IT-personnel or worry about the stability of the server.

c) ManageRent is stable and secure.

2. Different administration types. ManageRent's users are divided into different user-groups, which give them different access levels and administration rights. You as the so called SuperUser can easily and quickly change the administration rights of various ManageRent users.

3. Statistics and analyzing. With ManageRent you can get extremely detailed statistics on every aspect of your business activity. Easy-to-understand visual statistics allows you to analyze the needs of your company including all financial information. It also lets you plan the growth of your business. You can also make quick and simple internal audits.

4. ManageRent is compatible with many other programs. You can import data to ManageRent and export from it.

5. The system is very easy and user-friendly. It doesn't require any special knowledge besides basic computer skills and the use of a browser. (Netscape, MS Internet Explorer)

6. ManageRent is a highly advanced technology, which can be offered at a very competitive price (remarkably cheaper than the market average). The final price will depend on the size of your company - so it's optimized for your specific needs.

7. Low maintenance requirements and will reduce your overall cost.

8. Speed. ManageRent saves you a lot of time. The cooperation between different units of your company will be much more efficient. Direct B2B (business-to-business) and C2B (customer-to-business) process will save time and money both for you and your customers.

9. High-quality web-based service for your customers. They can use your services worldwide 24h/day, without worrying about security or transaction costs.

10. Multilingual interface - MangeRent allows you to store front end text translations for your website. Now you can serve customers around the world and your website will be much more user friendly.

11. Rental planner - Easy to understand graphical interface where you can see what cars are rented, in service, free, etc.

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ManageRent includes the following modules:

1. The Main Module - Graphical Rental Administration Module. Allows to manage efficiently all your basic rental operations. You can insert the necessary data and administrate reservations to complete rental forms, which will allow you to have instant access to all pertinent information. This module allows you to add and edit customer's info, finalize and confirm the reservations and ultimately rent the cars to your customers. You can view information about any customer in the database: his/her personal data, contacts, vehicle type, rental period, office the reservation was made, drop-off location, etc. This graphical interface is very simple use and is designed to manage all your basic rental operations.

Extra modules:

2. Information Administration Module. Over time you might want to add or delete cars from your database. This module makes it possible. Moreover, the description and details of your fleet might also change and this module allows you to make any of these necessary changes in the existing information. Naming some of the items in the database: car photo, ID number, factory number, damages, other details etc.

3. Web-Booking Module. This module allows your customers to receive quotes and book rentals over the Internet also giving the option of paying for the rental services with a credit card. With the increasing use of the Internet and online booking, it is now vital for car rental companies to have this option available for their customers.

4. Extra Services and Equipment Administration Module. Sometimes a customer may require special equipment (ski-rack, child seat) for the car or special service (needs to be picked up). This module allows you or the customer to add or delete such services and the system will automatically make all the necessary adjustments. You and the customer will no longer have to do any mathematical calculations and a customer can evaluate all the different options available with a mouse click. The customer has direct access only if Module #3 is also chosen.

5. Automatic Contract Module. On the basis of previously inserted data about a customer, you can have a "print-ready" contract with proper data. With this module you will not have to spend a lot of time making a contract for the customer - it will be ready when you will complete filling the rental form. If you also choose Module #3, the customer can print out the contract on-line.

6. Automatic Bill/Receipt Module. By choosing this module you will no longer have to fill out a separate bill/receipt or worry about how your customers want to receive the bill or receipt. The system will automatically print out a bill or receipt based on the information provided by the customer when he/she makes the reservation. Moreover, if the customer pays via your web site, he/she can print out the receipt or have it sent by fax or mail. Additionally, it can be modified to export data to your existing account program. The automatic bills are simple to use and save time because they don't require any additional work. The customer can print out receipt only if Module #3 is also chosen.

7. Automatic Booking Confirmation Module. Sends automatic confirmations to customers after they make reservation by e-mail, fax or phone. This module is modified depending on the needs of your firm: the program can give an automatic confirmation on the web-site after the customer filled the reservation form on-line or it can send the data to your office and you can confirm it manually. By manually we mean that you just have to click " confirm" and the program will send a confirmation by e-mail to the customer or will print out the confirmation if you want to send it by fax (if desired, you can do both the automatic confirmation and the manual procedure). The customer can do this on-line only if Module # 3 is also chosen.

8. Full Package Statistics and Analytical Module. This module will provide a full comprehensive statistical analysis about your company. This addition allows you to view all financial aspects of your business including: financial and corporate growth, sales forecast, business trend, etc. Additionally, you can view specific information about each car (frequency of use, rate of maintenance problems, popularity by season, customer complaints, etc.) and each customer (type of car he/she rents, rental period duration, demographics, etc.) The full package of statistics also includes the Sale-Transaction Summary module which allows you have a sales report for any given period of time.

9. Sale-Transaction Summary. Allows to view and manage all sale-transactions for any given period of time. You can print a report which shows your sales for the day, week, month, etc. This module is not needed if you choose the Full Package Statistics and Analytical Module.

10. New Web-Design Module. We offer new design for your website considering the latest trends in web-design and specific needs of your firm and customers.

11. Web-Based "available-car" Module. Allows your customers to view cars that are available at any particular moment. It also allows the customers to view and determine when their desired car will be available. Moreover, if their desired car is not available, this module will provide alternative cars which are similar and are currently available. By choosing this module your customers are able to be more involved in the overall car rental process.

12. Different User-Groups Module. Allows you to create and manage different " user-groups" for internal use and also for your business partners. You can easily control various access levels for different departments in your firm or even your partners like travel agencies, hotels, etc. For example, your business partner - travel agency - can make reservations and rent the cars and view parts of the statistics, but it can't add, change or delete any data about the cars. Or for example, your sales department can view the statistics but can't change the technical status because it's the priority of the technical department.

13. Technical Status Module. There are dozens of technical parts and devices that keep the cars operational. This module keeps track of all these so you don´t have to. This module allows you to administrate and view every aspect and detail about each of your cars. This system will notify you when changes and services are needed for your vehicles. Some such examples are: oil change, new tires, tire rotation, shocks, lights, brakes, emission test, routine check-ups, etc. You can then add, change or delete any changes that take place to the cars, thus having the capability to view their current status.

14. *Mobil-Kit. This requires special hardware, which we can provide and a GSM service, which is provided by your local cell phone company. Mobil-Kit allows to export and transfer data from a car's computer to ManageRent. You can easily view and analyze the technical status of the car in a "real-time" mode. For example, you can view all the technical data provided by the car's computer and this data can be exported to the technical status module - so the program will automatically let you know when you have to refill the oil tank, change tires, or when a routine check-up is required. The price of the Mobil-Kit module depends on different variables:

Is the specific hardware available in your country or will we have to export it? Will you have technical personnel to install the hardware or will we have to send our representatives? Will the local mobile-telephone company provide all the necessary services for the Mobil-Kit? The technical standards and status of your car computers, etc. *The total price can be calculated after all those aspects are clear.

15. *GSM-Positioning. This is an extra service which will depend on the technical solutions provided by your local mobile-telephone company. Special hardware is required for each car, which will allow you to locate the position of the car. With GSM-positioning, you can always know where the car is located at any moment. It can also protect your cars from car theft and customers can also use this GSM-positioning when calling for technical help. Furthermore, as with Mobil-Kit, the price of GSM-Positioning module depends on many aspects.

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Basic operations blueprint

The basic operations blueprint of the ManageRent System The ManageRent system is web-based car rental software. The movement of the information in the ManageRent system is shown on the blueprint above and described below:

1st arrow: the system hosted in WEB-SERVER can be accessed by the RENTAL'S ADMINISTRATION. The administration section allows to view and administrate the content of the RENTAL'S WEBSITE (2nd arrow) and data inserted by the CUSTOMERS in the booking process (3rd arrow).

2nd arrow: the information inserted by administrator goes to the rental's website and can be accessed by the customer (3rd arrow). The customer makes his/her reservation and it goes to the server (2nd arrow), where the administrator can view it (1st arrow).

3rd arrow: the information from the server (dynamic homepage) is shown as the rental's website. The rental's website is the page where customers can book a vehicle. The information that goes to the website is inserted by the rental's administration (see 1st arrow). The information that goes from the rental's website to the server is the booking information of the customer.

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Detailed operations blueprint

The detailed operations blueprint of the ManageRent System

1st arrow: the ManageRent system is created and maintained by Titanium Systems. The system is uploaded into SERVER. Server is either offered as hosting service to the rental firm from Titanium Systems or property of the rental firm or hosted to rental by the third party. The data that goes from Titanium Systems to the server is the initial system and maintenance later on. The data from server to Titanium Systems is mostly back-up of the information.

2nd arrow: the information from the server (dynamic homepage) is shown as the RENTAL'S WEBSITE. The rental's website is the page where customers can book a vehicle. The information that goes to the website is inserted by the RENTAL'S ADMINISTRATORS AND USERS (see 3rd arrow). The information that goes from the rental's website to the server is the booking information of the customer.

3rd arrow: the system hosted in server can be accessed by the rental's administrator (user with major rights: can determine rights of the users, delete and create new users) and users from one or different locations. The administration section allows to view and administrate the content of the rental's website and data inserted by the customers in the booking process.

4th arrow: these two arrows show the booking process by the customer. The customer inserts his/her reservation on the rental's website and this information moves to the server. The server automatically sends the confirmation to the customer

5th arrow: the rental firm can have brokers who resell rental's services. The customers come to the broker's website and reserves a car. The information moves to the broker's system (server) and it automatically confirms the reservation, by sending the confirmation e-mail to the customer. The information about the reservation moves from the broker to the rental firm. It can be possible 2 ways: the broker sends the reservation by e-mail, the rental's administrator receives it and inserts into the server or the broker's system is combined to the rental's system so that reservation go automatically to the server of the rental firm.

6th arrow: these arrows show that all operations in the ManageRent can be made from different locations using different devices like laptop, PDA or cell phone. All you need is access to the Internet. This allows customers, administrators and brokers to get access to the ManageRent from any location. The customers and brokers can reserve a car also using phone or fax - the administrator inserts the reservation information himself.

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Communication channels

The possible communication channels for making a reservation with ManageRent System

As ManageRent is a web-based system, it is possible to access it from different locations around the world. Most of the customers use desktop computers, but it's also possible to use other alternative Internet devices like laptops, PDA-s and WAP cell phones.

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ManageRent Gets You Exposure

The table above is the simplest way to show the effectiveness and scope of using ManageRent. Unlike the four major GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo) that are due to their capacity system-centred, ManageRent is an independent company based environment. Vehicle rental company itself dictates the conditions and has total control over the information flow. Linking with ManageRent, You will eventually still be part of the major networks resulting from the operation between them. Without the need to make extra efforts, there is a great chance that the amount of Your business deals will increase. Choosing ManageRent, you get more exposure through various promotional outlets. Various vehicle rental and travel brokers have exclusive contracts with many travel agencies. Car rental and travel brokers, using their vast array of contacts, will more than likely increase your bookings. These brokers usually charge a certain percent per booking. ManageRent makes it easier for the car rental company to synchronize all of its bookings through various vehicle rental and travel brokers. ManageRent unites all your web-based bookings into one reliable channel, making it easier, faster and more efficient for You to manage Your business.

In addition, the brokers, having their own personalized, limited access to the system, can have an automized, fast and safe overview of the state of the booking, with a possibility to modify (add, delete, edit) reservations. The information exchange takes place in XML format. Using ManageRent You could easily join the promotional web-portal – a speedily expanding GDS catering for international car rental and travel services. already collaborates with many worldwide car broker companies and major distribution systems. Having a personal access login You have the 100% control over Your business on the portal. Promotional campaigns, “tips of the day”, company exclusives, packages or special offers – it’s all Your choice on Through such a partnership the only outcome for You could be more business and a substantial increase in profits.

Although ManageRent is a web-based system, it is possible to make reservations also by phone or fax. The customer calls the administrator or sends him a fax and the administrator inserts all the proper booking information himself using the ManageRent administration module. Without saying, it will save you money and increase efficiency.

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Fits into any budget

As different companies have different needs and different budgets we have different versions of ManageRent to offer you. Starting from simple ManageRent Lite that replaces previous Basic Car Reservation System (BCRS) an finishing with fully functional ManageRent systems that allows you to use all the power of technology.

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