Insurances and Waivers:
DLW Damage Liability Waiver
Rates Includes DLW . Reduces the renters financial responsibility to GBP 500.00
Third Party Liability
TPL is included in the rate and cover is unlimited for death or bodily injury, limited to 25m for property (cars) 5m (vans).
Theft Liability Waiver (TLW)
If purchased TLW will reduce liability in the event of theft of the vehicle from the full value of the vehicle down to GBP 500. (overseas inbound only). NOTE: PURCHASE OF TLW DOES NOT WAIVE THE DAMAGE EXCESS.Price 6.50 per day, inclusive of Tax @ 17.5%.
Extended Liability Waiver (ELW)
If purchased ELW will reduce the Waiver Excess to GBP 75 for Damage DLW and Theft TLW.Additionally customers purchasing ELW will be provided with referral to a no fault road traffic accident personal injury claim service specialising in pursuing claims against third parties, at no cost to our customer.Prices are per day inclusive of tax.
1day GBP 10.99
2 days GBP 10.00
3-5 days GBP 9.00
6 days GBP 8.33
7 days GBP 7.14
8-10 days GBP 7.10
11-14 days GBP 7.00
15-18 days GBP 6.50
19-21 days GBP 5.50
22+ days GBP 5.00
** Extended Liability Waiver may not be purchased to waive the excess for any renter aged between 21 and 25 at certain locations.

Returning Vehicle/Parking Charges

Leeds/Bradford Airport - All customers must park in the short stay car park, please leave parking ticket in the glove box and deposit keys in Key Return Box which is situated in the Arrivals Lounge. Vehicles returned within office hours are subject to GBP 4. 00parking fee. Outside of office hours this charge rises to GBP 12.00 Procedures not adhered to will incur a charge.

London Marble Arch (out of hours) - All customers must park vehicle in NCP car park (charge applies).

Park on Ramp - Free of charge.
The renter can park the vehicle on the ramp taking care to ensure that the rear tyres are not over the yellow line as this is classed as the pavement and the vehicle WILL receive a parking fine, please adhere to this at all times to avoid a fine. Any parking fines incurred until the branch reopens will be will be the responsibility of the renter.

Park in NCP Car Park - Charges apply.
If there is no space left on the ramp, please park the vehicle in the upstairs car park. Please do not forget to place the NCP ticket in the key return envelope and indicate which floor the vehicle is parked on. The renter will be charged at the rates below from the time of return until the branch next opens.

Please place the key and parking ticket in the envelope provided below and post through the letterbox.

0-6 hours in the NCP GBP 3.00 per hour
6 hours + in the NCP GBP 2.00 per hour

Please note that lost NCP tickets are able to be traced by registration and will attract an administration fee of GBP 5.

Customers are reminded that they are responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle whilst parked until the branch next opens.

London City Airport - All customers should take car parking ticket and keys to the information desk. Customer must then advise the location that the car has been dropped off. GBP 12.00 per rental for parking costs.

Inverness Airport - During and outside office hours all customers must return the vehicle to Car Park 2, which is situated at the end of the Terminal. Car park ticket and keys are to be handed to Airport staff at the Information Desk. Failure to leave car park ticket will incur GBP 15.00 charge. Collection fee GBP 10..00 plus VAT.

Cardiff Airport - All customers should take vehicle to the Air Lodge Hotel, which is situated half a mile from the Airport on Port Road. Vehicle should be parked in designated bays at the hotel. Customers are to proceed to the Air Lodge Hotel reception where the Alamo/National desk is situated for vehicle check in. Outside office hours keys should be handed to hotel staff on duty. Vehicle will not be checked in until Alamo/National desk is open. A courtesy bus service will take customers to the Terminal Building (approx. 3 minutes). Should a vehicle be left in the NCP short/long stay car parks at the Airport, car park charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

Exeter Airport - All customers must return vehicle to Exeter branch, as there are no vehicle or key return facilities at the Airport.

Norwich Airport - All customers must park in the main NCP car park, which is opposite main Terminal Building, please leave ticket and keys at NCP desk.
Charges are: GBP 7.50 per day. Collection Fee: GBP 8.00 plus VAT.
These charges will be charged to the customer?s credit card at the end of the rental.

Condition of vechicle

Vehicle must be returned, normal wear & tear expected, in the same condition as when rented. If special cleaning is required a separate charge will be made directly to the customer.


Full UK licence that has been held for at least one year with acceptable endorsements only. Minimum age of 21 years.If you have a new style Photo Driving licence which commenced in July, 1998 the endorsements are not shown on this licence but are displayed on a secondary paper Counterpart Licence. Customers must produce both documents at the start of the rental.If you have an existing paper licence (which do show endorsements) this will be valid until the expiry date or until their details change. When producing this licence a passport or another form of ID must be produced.Licences issued overseas must be clearly identifiable as a driving licence, otherwise an International Driving Licence will be required. A passport must also be produced.

Age Requirements

Minimum rental age is 25 years for car groups SDMR, SDAR, PDAR, FVAR, FWAR and FFMR, 23 for car groups CCMN, CDMR, IDMR, ECAN, CCAR, IVMR, IWMR and CWMR and 21 years for car groups MCMN and ECMN.A young drivers surcharge applies as follows: 21-22 years GBP 14. 00 per day plus VAT, 23-24* years GBP 7.00 per day plus VAT. There is no maximum charge.There is no upper age limit except Pembroke, Carmarthen and the Isle of Man where the age limit is 75 years. Plymouth, Exeter, Newquay, Taunton, Southport, Wigan and Bury St Edmunds the upper age limit is 70 years.


Rates include Time and mileage, collision damage liability waiver (DLW), Theft Liability Waiver (TLW), Premium location fee, vehicle license fee, VAT tax.


Out of hours policy
Out of Hours service is only available at airport locations and on request through reservations at a charge of GBP 30.00 plus VAT. Meet and Greet service is available inside office hours and is on request at a charge of GBP 17.50 plus VAT. UK renters requesting meet and greet are subject to an Equifax check. Non UK residents Inbound renters must produce a full valid licence and passport.

Unless included in your rate Premium location charge is 13% of net rental, plus VAT, Vehicle Licence fee GBP 1.07 per day plus VATCongestion Charge applicable in Central London, The charge is payable daily Monday to Friday for each day that a vehicle moves within the zone. No charge is payable for vehicles if they are parked for a full day(s) within the zone. The daily charge is GBP 5. if paid by 22.00hrs on day of travel and is payable either by phone, on the Internet or at selected retail outlets within the zone. There is a fixed penalty system which will issue fines of GBP 100 per day for non payment.Marble Arch is the only Alamo location which falls into the Central London zone. If your customer picks up car from Marble Arch between Monday to Friday (07.00-18.30) inclusive, Alamo will add the first day's Congestion Charge fee automatically to the rental agreement for their convenience. They will then be responsible for paying the daily charge for all subsequent days (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are exempt). For a customer picking up a car from Marble Arch on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday no Congestion Charge fee will be added to the rental agreement for that first day. They will then be responsible for paying the fee for all subsequent chargeable days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). Note: all charges are subject to change.

Additional driver
Additional driver charge is GBP 2.50 per day + vat. There is no maximum charge. Additional drivers must be over 21, however this is not applicable if the renter is not also the driver. In this case the minimum age for additional drivers is 25. For UK residents only - additional drivers must present either Passport or 2 other forms of ID in addition to drivers licence.

Cross border policy
All vehicles groups may be taken abroad at a charge of GBP 18.00 per day (administration fee) plus VAT (This charge does not apply to vehicles going to the Republic of Ireland.) A Green Card is required, and will be issued by the renting location, should the renter be visiting countries outside of the following list:- EEC countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, Andorra, and San Marino. Cars may not be driven into Eastern Europe. Renters will additionally be required to purchase breakdown cover at a cost of GBP 50.00 including VAT. They must also be in possession of a letter of authority (from Alamo/National), allowing them to take the vehicle outside the United Kingdom. Letter will be supplied by the renting location.

Fuel policy
Car is supplied with full tank, return full or refuelling charges will apply.

Compulsory Meet & Greet Locations
These are locations that are based downtown, not at the airport, if a customer wants to be met at the airport a meet and greet charge of GBP17.50 + vat will be charged. This must be put on the reservation, flight number is mandatory.
Dowtown locations:
Airport locations:
London City Airport
Inverness Airport
Exeter Airport
Norwich Airport
Humberside Airport
Newquay Airport
Plymouth Airport
Teeside Airport
Kent International Airport - Manston

Special Equipment
Child/Infant seat (suitable for ages 9 months to 4 years old) = GBP 20. 00 plus VAT per rental. The child seat is the Britax Freeway child seat, it is forward facing and approved to British Standards. A security deposit of GBP 50. 00 is required which will be refunded to the renter provided that the child-seat is handed in at the rental-desk upon return. Child seats are on request only and availability cannot be guaranteed. The customer will be required to fit the child seat themselvesDelivery and collection can be arranged to any UK address, subject to a courier charge.

One ways
Domestic One-Way in the U.K. are free of charge and must be requested at the time of booking. One- ways between Mainland U.K. and Northern Ireland are not permitted. One-ways are not permitted between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. One-way rentals are permitted from any Northern Ireland location to the following locations in the Republic of Ireland:-to Dublin - GBP 100. plus VAT for rentals of 1 - 2 days, GBP 75. plus VAT for rentals of 3 - 6 days, GBP 50. plus VAT for rentals of 7 plus days. Cork and Shannon - GBP 250. plus VAT for rentals of 1 - 2 days, GBP 175. plus VAT for rentals of 3 - 6 days, GBP 100. plus VAT for rentals of 7+ days. International one-ways are NOT permitted.

Personal Touch

Roadside Assistance
In case of breakdown or accidents, emergency telephone numbers can be found on the vehicle tax disc and key fob. Cover is provided through either the AA, RAC or other provider, dependent on the vehicle manufacturer.Customers should call the emergency number shown on their vehicle. Coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dependant on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to replace the vehicle.

Payment Info

All major Credit cards. Prepaid Renters will be asked for the following deposits: 1) The fuel prepayment GBP 50.00.2)The DLW deductible GBP 500.